We totally get that yoga can be intimidating, but we work hard at Yoga Now to create a welcoming and safe place here in Chicago’s River North. If you are looking for the best yoga studio in Chicago, look no further. Follow our steps and before you know it, you will be standing on your head!

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Yin Yoga: Fun, Flow + Flexibility with Paulie Zink

Saturday, October 16th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm
This is an online workshop taught via Zoom.

In this spontaneous and playful practice we step aside from traditional asana and into the realm of postures like the crab, seahorse, and T-Rex which allow the body to gain flexibility and strength while freeing the mind of mechanistic and self-limiting thoughts.

Remember how being imaginative just came naturally when you were a child, and how exhilarating it was to feel being fully alive in your body, to freely rejoice in all your senses, to laugh and shout, to jump and dance, and to play pretend without any rules? Paulie’s liberating approach to yoga shows us how to reawaken our childlike playful spirit. Paulie makes learning fun; and when learning is fun it becomes almost effortless.

In this session we will go beyond the rigidly timed and passive postures so commonly taught in Yin classes. We will practice both still and dynamic postures for developing core strength and balance, and the flowing of postures in smooth transitions from pose to pose.

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Yin Yoga: Animals & Elements -Take a Pose on the Wild Side with Paulie Zink

Saturday, October 23rd from 1:00pm – 3:00pm
This is an online workshop taught via Zoom.

Let your primal spirit come out and play. In this session we will practice postures that embody a variety of animals and enliven the energies of the five transforming elements of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire–experience the springiness of a frog, the lightness of a bird, the might of a bear, the calmness of a cow, the slinkiness of a seal.

Here you will discover the deeper dimensions of Yin yoga. Specific postures are used to actualize the energetic essence of various creatures and to stimulate the properties of the five alchemical elements, thus harmonizing these qualities within the body and engaging the primal power that resides within us all.

This practice enables us to move beyond the constraints of limited thinking, to clear blockages, and to develop a heightened awareness. We have an innate ability to attune our consciousness with our fellow beings of the plant and animal realms. By returning to our true and wild nature we can enjoy a greater vitality and a newfound freedom of movement and relaxed confidence within our bodies.

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Outdoor Yoga Weekly Schedule

Saturdays – 10am to 11am – Vinyasa – Brenna Gordon O’Dea
at Washington Square Park (901 N. Clark Street)
Yoga improves cognitive skills

In-Studio Yoga Has Started!!

Effective August 20, 2021, masks are required in all indoor public settings, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and clients.

Sundays – 9:45am to 10:45am – Yoga Basics – Eva 
11:30am to 12:30pm – Vinyasa – Holly 
Mondays – 7am to 8am – Vinyasa – Corinne
4pm to 5:15pm – Vinyasa – Maureen
5:45pm to 7pm – Vinyasa – Emma
6pm to 7pm – Prenatal – Jennifer
Tuesdays – 10am to 11am – Vinyasa – Tomoko
4pm to 5:15pm – Vinyasa – Maureen
5:45pm to 7pm – Vinyasa – Tiffany
Wed. – 7am to 8am – Vinyasa + Meditation – Emily
4pm to 5:15pm -Vinyasa – Corinne
5:45pm to 7pm – Vinyasa – Maureen
Fridays – 6am to 8am – Mysore – Bill
7:30am to 8:30am – Vinyasa – Maureen
Noon to 1pm – Ashtanga – Amy
5:45pm to 7pm – Flow and Glow – Joanne
Saturdays – 7:45am to 8:45am – Vinyasa – Corinne
9am to 10:30am – Ashtanga – Amy

Yoga Now Online!

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How to Take a Virtual Class

  1. Download the Zoom app on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

  2. Sign up for the class through the Yoga Now website. Our full schedule is at yoganowchicago.com. If you have not signed in to our site before, you can find your account with your email address and create password to log in.

  3. Starting 20 minutes before class, go to yoganowchicago.com and click “Schedule This Week” . Then click the “View Broadcast” link for your class.

  4. Note: if you sign up for class at least 20 minutes before the start time, you will receive an email with the Zoom link 15 minutes before class starts.

  5. If you have problems finding the link, please email info@yoganowchicago.com or call 312-280-9642 for help. We are here to help you! 

We are Open for Massage

We are following all CDC, City and State guidelines

-Our entire space has been professionally deep-cleaned

– Advance booking is required

– Masks are not required if you are vaccinated

– Please do not come in if you, or a member of your household feels unwell or has a fever for 100.4F or above.

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