Swedish Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

swedish vs deep tissue massage

Swedish massage is the most popular massage treatment in the United States. This massage modality is also known as a “wellness massage” or “relaxation massage”. A Swedish treatment decreases stress, lengthens tight muscles, and increases circulation by using gentle massage techniques. The second most requested massage treatment is a deep tissue massage. A deep tissue […]

Is It Hard to Get my Yoga Instructor Certification?

Yoga teacher classes

Yoga offers many benefits for both the mind and body. If you’ve been practicing for a long time, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about taking the next step and becoming a yoga instructor yourself. Before getting a certification, many people ask, “what are the benefits of getting a yoga certification” and “is it hard […]

How do You Become a Yoga Instructor?

Yoga instruction class

Becoming a Yoga Instructor If you are passionate about teaching others how to live a healthy and balanced life, you may want to consider becoming a certified yoga instructor. Becoming a yoga teacher is a rewarding journey for many people. In order to become a yoga instructor, you are required to go through yoga teacher […]

Why You Should Try a Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage can be a powerful way to restore your muscles and refresh your energy. This article will help you understand what it’s like to get a deep tissue massage and why you should consider getting one. What does a deep tissue massage involve? Unlike standard massages, a deep tissue massage involves reaching […]