Covid Protocols

Here are some guidelines for our in-studio classes:

We have planned ahead and purchased Medify HEPA H13 Air filters which filter out airborne viruses, including coronavirus, with 99.95% filtration efficiency. These particles are known to be about 0.125 microns in size, which is best filtered by diffusion. We have installed these air filters in the yoga room, the lobby and the massage rooms.

Do not come in if you, or a member of your household feels unwell or has a fever of 100.4F or above, or has has any other symptoms of Covid.
Following current City and State requirements, effective August 20, 2021, masks are required for everyone at the studio. The new requirements state that both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals must wear a face covering in indoor public spaces. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support! 

Please observe social distancing guidelines, and keep 6 feet apart. The floor in the yoga room is taped off in 6 foot x 7 foot rectangles. Please stay within your rectangle for practice.Please sanitize your hands with soap and water, or the hand sanitizer in the lobby, often.
The yoga room, the lobby, and the restrooms are disinfected with an EPA-registered cleaner by our team of managers and our teachers following a strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol throughout the day.