What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage

If you’ve been feeling achy or stressed lately, it might be time to try getting a Swedish massage. This article will walk you through what it’s like to get a Swedish massage and why it might be right for you.

What to expect from a Swedish massage?

Using massage as a healing technique goes back thousands of years. Massage is an ancient practice that can soothe muscles and restore the mind. Swedish massage therapy is a specific and popular restorative massage technique that can help relieve muscle tension and stress.

People ask what is a Swedish massage? I tell them it is considered a classic massage style, as it aims to soothe muscles without excessive pressure. Unlike a deep tissue massage, Swedish massage therapy focuses more on the superficial muscles, relying on lighter pressure and gentler movements. A Swedish massage near me is a great resource for those looking for muscle relaxation. 

Swedish massage healing

There are several different strokes that are common features of a Swedish massage. Each involves varying degrees of pressure and movement. Here are the top four strokes you’ll experience during a Swedish massage:

  • Effleurage

The healer uses a long gliding motion with moderate pressure to relieve tension in the superficial muscles of the body.

  • Petrissage

After effleurage, the next stage involves kneading and rolling the body to reach a deeper muscle level. The healer will often use their knuckles and thumbs to squeeze the muscle and release the tension buried in it.

  • Friction

The healer will use warmth and rubbing motions to increase blood flow. The healer may either rub their hands together to create heat from the friction or use big circular rubbing motions on the body. The friction that is produced soothes and warms aching muscles.

  • Tapotement

As one of the most distinctive features of Swedish massage therapy, tapotement involves repetitive tapping or patting on the body to relieve built-up tension. The healer will often use either cupped hands, fists, or fingertips to achieve the gentle tapping movement that soothes muscles and quiets the mind.

Yoga Now Chicago Benefits

Unfortunately, when people search for Swedish massage near me and click on the first location, they may not always be selecting a top tier location. At Yoga Now Chicago, you can enjoy a professional hour-long Swedish massage for only $85, 90 minutes for $115, or 2 hours for $145. Our healers are trained in the science of massage to give you a soothing, restorative experience. When you experience a Swedish massage, you can expect to leave feeling energized and renewed.

Swedish massage

What is a Swedish Massage?

We all know how wonderful a good massage can feel. However, full body Swedish massage therapy brings a handful of extra benefits for your mind and body. Here are some of the key perks you can look forward to after a Swedish massage:

Relax your muscles

Tight, sore muscles can be difficult to manage. With the amount of time we’re spending sitting or cooped up in our offices or homes, it doesn’t take long for our muscles to start aching and cramping. That’s where Swedish massage therapy can help.

When you receive a Swedish massage, the healer will use a mixture of strokes to relieve the tension in your muscles, allowing them to relax and be restored.

Relieve your stress

We tend to physically carry around the stress we accumulate during the day in our body. Allow it to be massaged away as your muscles are soothed and your mind is reinvigorated.

Swedish massage can be a powerful mood lifter. The flow of stress hormones tends to decrease, allowing your mind to relax while relieving much of the stress that it clings to during daily life. Many people find that the slow pace and distraction-free environment of a massage offers them the introspective relaxation they need and can help them center themselves.

Renew your energy

Daily life can be draining. We spend so much time sitting and staring at screens that we easily grow tired and worn out. Full body Swedish massage therapy is known for its power to energize and invigorate the body. Its mix of gentle tapping and deep kneading strokes both relax and reawaken the muscle, allowing you to feel refreshed and energetic.

Yoga now chicago swedish massage

Become more flexible

Swedish massage therapy not only concentrates on relieving tension in the muscles, but also involves attention to the joints. During a Swedish massage, the healer will stretch out your muscles and soothe aching joints, which can improve your flexibility and range of motion.

As a result, you’ll experience less swelling and stiffness. Many people with chronic pain conditions like arthritis can appreciate full body Swedish massage therapy for its healing and pain-relieving powers.

Start having better posture

Tired muscles can often lead to a postural imbalance. This means your body shifts to one side to relieve strain on a tense or overworked muscle. Without massage, your posture will continue to suffer, leading to a host of other physical problems, including injury.

With Swedish massage therapy, the healer will restore and soothe tired, aching muscles. That means you can sit up straighter and stop putting extra pressure and strain in tighter areas.

Improve your circulation

Swedish massage therapy can be used to stimulate nerves and increase blood flow to your muscles. During massage, your blood vessels widen, allowing more fresh blood to flow to vital parts of the body. 

Many of us spend quite a bit of time sitting, which can damage our circulation. Thanks to the pressure and stimulation, Swedish massage therapy encourages smoother circulation throughout the body.

Massage also stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are involved in boosting immune system functioning and keeping our bodies healthy. Not only can you look forward to a better mood and relaxed muscles, but you can also enjoy the added health benefits that massage brings.

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During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Yoga Now Chicago is taking your health and safety seriously. People often look for a full body Swedish massage near me. Our convenient facility is regularly deep cleaned; clients are encouraged to sanitize their hands, and masks are required at all times. Clients must also book appointments ahead of time to avoid busy waiting areas. You can be reassured that Yoga Now Chicago cares about their clients’ health and is working to create a healthy environment for both their staff and clients.

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