Why You Should Become a Yoga Instructor

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Yoga Instructor Classes 

Has yoga become your passion? If you love yoga and you have felt that recently that you would like to help others, becoming a yoga instructor could be exactly what you’re looking for. There is no need to be an expert to sign up for yoga instructor courses. There are some requirements, but most can obtain an instructor certification if they put in the effort and time. Some people even take yoga instructor classes just to increase their own knowledge of yoga and to increase their physical fitness.There are plenty of reasons to join in and enjoy this opportunity!   

Becoming a Yoga Instructor 

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To enter into the program it is recommended that you have at least one year of experience. Anyone who has not had at least a year of experience may not have the understanding of the basics. 

Through your own experience, you’ve already seen how much of a difference it makes to have an experienced teacher. There are many different things that make a yoga instructor a master, not just the knowledge of the poses. It takes a certain kind of person to correct people with kindness. Not to mention that it is not easy to quickly understand the flow of energies that yoga inspires. 

Becoming a yoga instructor is also a great way to meet new people and expand your view of something you already love. There are a few steps you have to take within the program in order to complete it, but they are all easily manageable and can be learned by almost anyone. 

Learning the Poses

First, you will master all of the basic yoga techniques and acquire the skills to safely execute each pose. Once you know this, you will be able to help others to do the same in your classes. We invite you to become the kind of instructor that really guides the class and helps each person have a great experience! As you learn the poses, you also strengthen your own body and become better prepared for teaching different kinds of yoga classes, such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Bhakti, Gentle and Yoga Basics. Yoga Now’s 200-hour training course will make sure you’re comfortable with each of these fundamental yoga techniques.

Learning How to Teach

You will then learn the methods of teaching yoga courses. You observe other instructors and watch how they teach classes. The instructors discuss with you how students learn and how to best teach different kinds of learners. This will prepare you for leading a class on your own. You will be able practice this as well before you are officially certified.

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Learning About the Body 

After that, you gain an understanding of the anatomy of the human body and how yoga affects it. Knowing how the body works helps you ensure the safety of your students and improve their performance. This helps you to avoid any injuries and keep your students healthy and happy. 

Learning About the Mind

You can also learn about the ethics and philosophy of yoga. The ethics of yoga have been traced back over thousands of years, and have greatly influenced many people. However, you will need to know the boundaries of teaching this, which helps you connect to all of your students with many different backgrounds. You don’t want to offend, but you do want to help your students and share the centuries-old tenets of yoga with them. This can be a tricky thing to balance, but there are many aspects of yoga that speak to all people. Studying and learning about these will help you to include everyone in your classes and enlighten the minds of all who participate. 


Once you have all the experience you need, you get the opportunity to practice teaching and get some hands-on experience. This completes your training, giving you the experience you need to start teaching on your own. At first you will take over small parts of instruction along with another teacher, but you will continue to teach more and more of the class over time. You’ll be instructing on your own in no time! You can then receive your certification through the Yoga Alliance. This level of training is for the Registered Yoga Trainer or RYT certification.

200 Hour Yoga Training Near Me

200 Hour Yoga Training Near Me

Most yoga instruction courses follow the standard of 200 hours of training for certification. But why 200 hours? This ensures a well-rounded and extensive training of each individual. You will become an expert in each facet of yoga instruction. 

Yoga Now’s training offers 200 hours of training over a course of 28 weeks. Two times per week you will meet for instruction on various poses, topics, and training. The courses are scheduled at times that are convenient for those who already work full-time jobs or have many different kinds of schedules and availability. Tuesdays from 7:30-10pm and Saturdays from 11 am-4 pm are the current scheduled times. Registering for the course is easy! Prices vary according to the time of registration, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible. Yoga Now also offers a 500 hour yoga training that is considered an advanced yoga course. Contact us to find out more about our other options

What Makes YogaNow Different? 

There are several things that set Yoga Now’s instructor courses apart. One of them is that there is a huge focus on health and healing. Yoga Now is not only a yoga studio and has massage and detoxifying services that are extremely important to the body.
Yoga Now will also teach you an introduction to the Mysore style of Ashtanga yoga.  In a Mysore class, participants will move at their own pace, working on the Ashtanga system to improve their poses under the guidance of a teacher. The course has been modified for the safety of all students to be socially distant, so this course is currently online.

Safety and wellbeing 

In order to stay safe and healthy, Yoga Now Chicago has implemented a number of security measures. Here are the key precautions Yoga Now is taking to keep their customers safe:

  •       Management, Desk Staff, Teachers and Therapists, regularly deep clean and sanitize the facility
  •       Everyone must wear masks at all times in the facility
  •       Class setup maintains at least a six-foot distance between people at all times
  •       There is now an expanded selection of virtual classes

It’s critical that everyone take these precautions seriously by regularly washing their hands and staying home if they don’t feel well.

Yoga Instructor Courses 

These courses are designed to take someone from a beginner or an intermediate yoga enthusiast to an advanced level. Once at that level, they can help instruct others. Becoming a yoga instructor is meant to be accessible and attainable. It is hard work, but it is very doable! Just like yoga itself, learning takes time but when you are patient and have an open mind, you will find that success will come. If your goal is to become a yoga instructor or gain some new insights, sign up today!