• Ashtanga

    Ashtanga yoga is a breath movement system

    Ashtanga is an ancient practice that increases health, well-being, and inner peace.  Ashtanga (Level 1-3) covers the first half of the Primary Series.  Ashtanga (Level 2-3) covers the full Primary Series.   It is a faster, more rigorous class.  Ashtanga is a scientific system of postures that are linked together through the breath to calm the mind and strengthen the body. For experienced practitioners and athletic beginners.  Please note: During the online virtual classes, Amy and Julie will be demonstrating poses during their classes, and Kristin will observing the students, rather than demonstrating, the poses.

  • Bhakti Vinyasa

    A heart opening practice combining Kirtan, the art of ecstatic chanting with Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga.

    Through this practice we experience Bhav, the nectar of devotion, and union of body, mind and soul. Deep rhythmic breathing in conjunction with movement is emphasized.The practice is accompanied by live chanting.

  • Community Yoga

    A free class open to all levels. Please arrive early and bring a mat if you can.

  • Forrest Yoga

    The pillars of Forrest are Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit. The mission is to create in each of us a sense of freedom, a connection to our spirit and the courage to walk our truth. This challenging and empowering practice works longer in poses, emphasizing breath connection, core strength, awareness, and joy.

  • Hatha Yoga

    Combines the primary use of breath awareness and sensation.

    This class offers options for the experienced beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner. Through repetition of the basic poses, you will able to build more complex poses. During asana practice, several variations or options are presented to allow each student to feel challenged, physically and mentally. You are led through a sequence of poses combining yang and yin energies using a blend of asana styles.

  • Mysore Yoga

    Mysore is the traditional method of learning Ashtanga yoga. Rooted in traditional yoga methods, Mysore offers an all encompassing yoga practice that trains both your mind and body. What makes mysore unique from Ashtanga and other forms of yoga is that it is focused on the individual and their own abilities rather than the abilities of the class as a whole. This can make Mysore a slower process, as you are focused on mastering each pose for yourself rather than moving with the pace of the group, but that can be a freeing experience for some attendees who are looking for individual growth. 

  • Prenatal Yoga

    This class is appropriate for women in all stages of pregnancy and focuses on relaxation and strengthening the body. No prior knowledge of yoga is needed.

  • Restorative Yoga

    A class made to create complete relaxation of the mind and body by holding passive, supported poses for an extended length, allowing for deep muscle relaxation and calmness of mind.

  • Scoliosis & Back Care Yoga

    This class will have a sequence with an aim to properly load and elongate the spine. The teacher will help you personalize your practice with prop adjustment appropriate for your body and back.

  • Vinyasa

    This flowing Hatha yoga class is open to students of all levels. Using an eclectic blend of asana styles, this flowing class gives you a new and different experience each time you practice. Come to feel, breathe, move and touch the truth in your heart!

  • Yoga Basics

    Yoga Basics is a class for those new to yoga, but ,also, offers teachings for experienced yogi. Emphasis is placed on asana (posture), mechanics, breath and energy work. This class is sensitive to those who have bodies that may need a little TLC. It is an all size friendly class.

  • Zen Vinyasa

    Using an eclectic blend of asana styles, this flowing class gives you a new and different experience each time you practice. The class will end with an extended savasana that includes crystal bowls and Yoga Nidra meditation. Come to feel, breathe, move and touch the truth in your heart!